The Faculty of Law (formerly known as the School of Administration and Law) was founded in 1968. It began as a center offering British external programmes, namely the LL.B (London-External) and the Chartered Institute of Secretaries (now Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators). The only internal programme offered then was the Diploma in Public Administration and Local Government.


In 1978 the LL.B (London-External) programme was discontinued and replaced by the current LL.B programme. The LL.B programme is a three-year academic degree course based on the structure of British Universities undergraduate law programmes. Unlike most of the British programmes however, the LL.B programme at the faculty is conducted on a semester system. The LL.B programme, however, has been replaced with the Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons), which was introduced in 2002. In 1982 the Faculty introduced a one-year LL.B (Hons) programme whereby graduates of the L.LB programme could advance their studies. The LL.B (Hons) programme is a simulatory programme designed to provide professional training for students in preparation for their career in the legal practice as Advocates and Solicitors.


The delivery of the curriculum for this course adopts the method and strategy of simulated or experiential learning. The unique experience it provides to students in their legal training has led this programme to be widely recognized and accepted among the Malaysian legal fraternity. The Faculty of Law enjoys strong affiliations with the legal fraternity, namely, the Malaysian Bar, the Attorney General Chambers and the Judicial and Legal Service. It takes pride in continuously developing pioneer options in its degree programmes, both at the academic and professional levels. The Faculty currently comprises some 100 academic staff. It has about 1144 students reading for the Law Foundation, BLS (Hons), LL.B and LLB (Hons) and Postgradute programmes (Phd. and LL.M Programmes)