Located within the Faculty of Law, UiTM, The Faculty’s Office of International Affairs (OIA LAW) provides overall guidance and coordination of the Faculty’s international engagement and strategy for all students, staff, and organizations. OIA LAW aims at fostering connections within the Faculty and abroad by strengthening international activities and initiatives. OIA LAW focuses on efforts that carry out UiTM’s goals generally, and the Faculty specifically in putting UiTM and the faculty on the world map.  To meet these goals, OIA LAW is focused on establishing and sustaining international connections; expanding international experiences for both staff and students and internationalizing our faculty. Hence, our duties are:
•    To liase with the Office of International Affairs (OIA) UiTM to centralise, coordinate and handle international cooperation activities;
•    To inform and advice the staff and students of the Faculty of Law on the international programs available;
•    To promote and deal with staff’s and students’ mobility to and from foreign institutions, within the framework of the programs;
•    To provide the staff and students with information on international cooperation programs;
•    To draft and negotiate international cooperation agreements.

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