About Us


The Centre

The Legal Consultation Centre (LCC), Faculty of Law has been providing free legal advice to staff and students of Universiti Teknologi MARA.  LCC is handled by experience lecturers with the assistance of our final year law students.


LCC strives to provide free legal advice to all UiTM staff and students as part of the Faculty community service.


LCC seeks to become the leading centre for legal advice and consultation in UiTM, as part of its contribution to the legal system. This is in line with UiTM vision of enhancing knowledge, expertise and lecturers’ involvement in community service.



(a)  All legal advice and consultation provided by LCC are basic legal advice and opinion of our Consultants in the cases referred to. 
(b)  LCC cannot be held liable for engaging directly or indirectly, personally or officially in cases referred to. LCC and its Consultants also cannot represent clients in any court proceedings or meetings related to the cases referred to. 
(c)  LCC reserves the right to refuse any matters or disputes for advice and consultation without giving any reasons.