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Introduction of UiTM LAW REVIEW
UiTM Law Review is a learned journal of the Faculty of Law, UiTM with its inaugural issue in 2001. It reflects the institution’s maturity and ability to manage and conduct its specialist discipline. The journal functions also as a meeting point for law teachers and practitioners who share a common interest in various areas of law. It provides them a source of information on the current and topical issues in their specialised areas. It creates a forum for the exchange of ideas and for engaging in discourse over sometimes intricate and often vexed legal issues.
Much is gained by the legal fraternity, as well as the legal system, through such engagements and encounters. Law teachers, as members of the broader academic community, are aware that it is no longer tenable for them to function solely within their traditional ivory towers, isolated from the reality of the world outside. For career and professional advancement, and for taking their rightful role in the community, no academics can confine themselves to their classrooms or departmental audience. They must reach to a wider audience.
The recognition that they gained from peers, both within and without the discipline, will speak for their standing and credibility in the community, both scholarly and otherwise. Thus, this journal will serve as one channel for the faculty members and other contributors to reach that wider audience.
House Style:
UiTM Law Review uses the UiTM Law Review House Style.

Submission of Articles:

The board of editors welcome the submission of articles (not more than 12 pages, excluding references), comments under 2000 words, shorter notes, and book reviews for publication in the UiTM Law Review. Manuscripts should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Copyright is vested in the Faculty of Law, Universiti Teknologi MARA, and each author with respect to her or his contribution. The views, opinions and technical recommendations expressed by the contributors and authors are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Faculty or the University.

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Advisory Editor
Prof Dato’ Dr Rahmat Muhamad
Prof Dr Gonzalo Villalta Puig (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Chief Editors
Prof Madya Dr Haidar Dziyauddin
Prof Madya Dr Norha Abu Hanifah
Language Editor
Azlina Abd Rahman
Nazariah Ahmad

Editorial Review Board
Assoc Prof Dr Karen Bubna-Litic (University of South Australia)
Dr. Dian Ferricha S.H., M.H.( Islamic Balitar University)
Assoc Prof Dr Maizatun Mustafa (International Islamic University Malaysia)
Prof Madya Dr Zaiton Hamin
Prof Madya Dr Irwin Ooi
Prof Madya Dr Wan Liza Md Amin @ Fahmy
Prof Madya Rohazar Wati Zualcobley
Prof Madya Rohani Mohd Shah
Dr Tunku Intan Mainura Tunku Makmar
Dr Sharifah Saeedah Syed Mohamed
Dr Haswira Nor Mohamad Hashim
Dr Shahrizal Mohd Zin
Dr Suzaini Mohd Saufi

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