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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hartini Saripan

Welcome to the Faculty of Law, UiTM Shah Alam!

Our faculty is highly known as a centre that integrates theory, strategy and practical experiential learning to develop the best legal professionals. The proven quality of our students is marked by their entry into the legal fraternities not only in Malaysia but also overseas.

Here, we believe in taking a proactive approach and strives to be ahead in the industry. The faculty is driven by innovation and research, in anticipating the needs even before they arise. Our academic team consists of talents ranging from renowned leaders, prominent thinkers, experienced lawyers and consultants who pioneers the changes in the legal landscape of the country.

UiTM Law is not only about studying law: it is about converting learning into practice through a focused process and constructive feedback. Our attention as a faculty covers a wide range of legal and policy issues, crossing over newly emerging fields such as medicine, technology, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, not to mention ever-developing fields of corporate governance, constitutional law, international trade, biotechnology, criminal justice, environment, culture, economics, and many more.

At UiTM Law, you will be challenged – not only to study and to write, but also to debate, to explore, to create and to litigate; to break boundaries, shape the discourse, and adopt renewed perspectives. Our students are no longer expected to react to change – they are expected to predict, project and anticipate change and make themselves a relevant piece to the puzzle.

A simple word with our alumni will reveal to you the incredible feats that our graduates have achieved since graduating from UiTM Law. Gone now are the days where the legal field is only to produce “lawyers” – as we seek to develop professionals with robust legal acumen to navigate the multidisciplinary changes in business and in society.

I encourage you to take that first proactive step to get in touch with us and what we have to offer, and how we can help you towards the unique path that you choose to follow.


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