Rohazar Wati Zuallcobley (Assoc. Prof.)


Contact Details

Designation: Assoc. Prof.
Full Name: Rohazar Wati Zuallcobley
Position: Associate Professor
Phone No.: (Office / Room Phone No.)
Fax No.:03-55435950
Room Location: AL339
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Academic Qualifications

1.    Phd. Candidate National University Malaysia.
2.    Postgraduate Specialization Diploma In Intellectual Property  (University of Turin and WIPO Worldwide Academy) 2000.
3.    Diploma Penterjemahan 1999.
4.    LLM. University College London 1986.
5    Postgraduate Diploma in Shipping Law, University College London 1985.
6.    LLB.( Hons.) University of London, 1984
7.     Diploma Public Administration 1981 (ITM)


Advocates & Solicitors:

Teaching & Research Interest

Intellectual Property
Shipping Law
Company Law
Civil Family Law

Previous Appointment & Duration of the Appointment

1.    Seconded as Deputy Director General (Industrial Property)
Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia from 1.2.2006 to 31.12.2009

2.    Visiting Professor
          Kumamoto University
,          Japan. August 2009  to October 2010

3.    Head, Intellectual Property Management
              Research ,Innovation and Business Unit
              University Technology MARA
              May 2011 – October 2011  
 4.    Chairman of Academic Centre ,Faculty of Law. MARA, University Of Technology Shah Alam, Selangor. 2005


1. Member Board of Examiners of Malaysian Patent Agent since 1996 until now.
2.Member of International Intellectual Property Law Association since 2015


        1)  Consultant on Intellectual Property Law
               Malaysian Intellectual Property Office.
          2) Legal Adviser on Intellectual Property
              MARA University Of Technology,
              Shah Alam, Selangor.
 5) Member Board of Examiners of Malaysian Patent Agent
     since 1996 until now.    

3). Advisory to FTA team of International Division  of Attorney General Chamber .2011/2012

4. Consultant adviser to Sabah Biodiversity Centre 2010 till now.

5. Consultant to International Institute of Intellectual Property based in Washington DC USA for the report entitle “ A Report on the Specialized Intellectual Property Court 2012.” Presented  in Washington on January 2012.

6. Consultant to MARA for Drafting and Advisory for  MARA Intellectual Property Policy 2014

7. Other consultancy  Involvement in Intellectual Property Policy:-

1.    Implementation of the Malaysian National Intellectual Property Policy 2006.
2.    Advisory to FRIM on FRIM intellectual Property Policy 2007
3.    Advisory to University Malaysia Sabah IP Policy
4.    Drafting and advisory to University Technology MARA Intellectual Property Policy 2010 till present.

D.    Participation on intellectual property committee established by the government.

1.    Member of the committee on the implementation of the TRIPS Agreement at the Ministry of Trade and Industry since 1990.

2.    Member of the committee that draft the Industrial Designs legislation which was later pass by Parliament as the Industrial Designs Act 1996.

3.    Member of the committee that draft the Geographical Indication legislation which was later pass as the Geographical Indication Act 2000

4.    Advisory duties to Malaysian Intellectual Property Office on Policies issues on intellectual property.
          5      Member of the committee on the Amendment of the Patent Act 2011.

          6. Member of the committee on the Amendment of the Copyright  Act 2011.

          7. Member of the committee on the Amendment of the Trade Mark  Act 2011.

         8.  Member of the committee on the Amendment of the Industrial Design  Act 2011.

9. Special Task taken during term of tenure  in MyIPO since 1st February 2006 to 31 December 2009

.A. Implementation of the Patent Cooperation Treaty    (PCT)

i.    Drafting legislation for implementation of the Patent  Cooperation Treaties.
ii.    Overseeing training program for PCT team.
iii.    Monitoring application for PCT.

B. Chairperson for the technical committee on the    National IP policy paper.

C. Chairperson for the technical committee for the setting    up of the Intellectual Property Court in Malaysia.

D. Clearing backlog of Patent and trademark applications.

E. Chairperson for the implementation of Budapest Treaty

F. Chairperson for the implementation of Nice & Vienna

G. Co-lead negotiator for intellectual property matters for   Free Trade Agreement  

H. Chairperson for intellectual property committee   amendment of the law

Participation on events organized by WIPO

1.    Member of ATRIPS (Association of Teachers and researchers in IP) 1994

2.    Scholarship by WIPO for specialization post graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property in Turin .2000.

3.    Appointment as Intellectual Property Expert to present papers on behalf of WIPO at Barbados 2006 and in Zurich 2007.

4.    Appointment by WIPO on behalf of the ARAB Section of WIPO to give consultancy and expert advise on the restructuring of the Kuwait Intellectual Property Office start date July 2007.

Research Project & Publications

Research Project:
1.    Access to justice 1995.
2.    Tracer studies on the graduates of the law faculty. 1996.
3.    Border Measures Provision in the EU 2000.
4.    Intellectual property specialization courts around the world 2012
5.    Intellectual Property and competition law 2016

1.    Pengenalan Kepada Undang-undang Hakcipta (1992)( Introduction to Copyright law )

2.    Business Law in Malaysia (1994)

3.    Undang-undang Hakcipta Di Malaysia (1999)(Copyright law in Malaysia)

4.    Hakcipta dan Hak Berkaitan  Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka 2010.* ( Copyright and related right 2010)

5.    Getting Copyright Protection in Malaysia. Mabopa directory 2012.

Public service to the community

Invited speaker for the radio program “The law and us” in Radio 1 since 1996 to 2004. Invitation for radio programme on TRaxx FM for consumer protection once a week on Thursday each montrh 2016 panel discussion on budget 2015