Azni Mohd Dian (Dr.)


Contact Details

Designation: Dr.



Phone No.: 03-55211616

Fax No.: 03-55444121

Room Location: AL541

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Academic Qualifications


Master: LL.M (University Malaya) - 2006

Bachelor: Diploma in Law (1989), Advanced Diploma in Law (1991)

Teaching & Research Interest

    Land Law & Conveyancing

    Property Development Law

    Solicitors' Account

Previous Appointment & Duration of the Appointment

 1. Advocates & Solicitors: Advocate and Solicitor, High Court of Malaya (1992-2002)

 2. Ketua Program LL.B (Hons) (1 Jun 2007 - 31/12/2009)

Research Project & Publications

Research Project:

1. Freedom of Information in Malaysia: Are We Ready (Dana Kecemerlangan UiTM) (2009)

2. Teaching and Learning in Legal Education: A Paradigm Shift From Theory to Legal Practical Training (ARAS Grant) (2016-2017)

3. The Legal Framework for Public Participation in Heritage Sites Development in Malaysia (LESTARI Grant) (2016-2018)

4. Baseline Study on Vendor’s Disclosure and Owner’s Title Assurance Compensation Law in Malaysia.National Real Estate Research Coordinator (NAPREC)  Institut Penilaian Negara (INSPEN) (2016-2017)


Conference & Publications

1. Penulis Bersama Modul Pembelajaran e-PJJ Law 245 – Malaysian Legal System (2006) Institut Perkembangan Pendidikan (InED) (2004)

2. Landfills Management System: An Overview in Selangor (Proceedings of the 2nd SANREM Conference (2006)

3. Policy, Law and Enforcement : Adequacy, Relevancy and Implementation Issues in Addresssing Child Abuse in Malaysia, (2008)

4. Freedom of Information: Implementation Issues and Challenges (Proceeding International Conference on Public Law, FUU UiTM (2011)

5. Freedom of Information: Practices and Challenges in the ASEAN Region (CHUSER 2011)

6. The Mobile Phone Culture and the Law on E-Waste in Malaysia (Elsevier Ltd. Selection – Procedia Social and Behaviourial Sciences  2012)

7. An Analysis of Planning Permission Process in Development of Heritage Sites in Malaysia.(Proceeding National Reseacrh and Innovation Conference for Graduate Students in Social Sciences 2012)

8. Public Participation in Conservation of Heritage Sites in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges (Proceeding AMER International Conference on Quality of Life (2013)


Research and Innovation

1. Public Perception on Freedom of Information: The level of Readiness in Implementing the Freedom of Information in Malaysia (2011)

2. Heritage Awareness Information System Sistem Maklumat Kesedaran Harta Warisan (HAIS) (2015)


1. Perunding bagi Projek Latihan Undang-Undang Untuk Perkhidmatan Awam - Executive Diploma in Enforcement Law, Siri 1 dan 2 di Institut Latihan Kehakiman dan Perundangan (ILKAP) (2009 - 2013)