Hartini Saripan (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)


Contact Details

Designation: Dr.
Full Name: Hartini Saripan
Position: Dean
Phone No.: (+603)55444120
Fax No.: (+603)55435950
Room Location: C3
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Academic Qualifications

Ph.D (LAW)(UiTM)       
MCL (IIUM)                 
LL.B (Hons)(IIUM)      

Teaching & Research Interest

E-Commerce Law, Technology Law & Commercial Law

Research Project & Publications

Research Project:

The Enterprise Strict Liability Model in Artificial Intelligence Governance
600-Rmi/Frgs 5/3 (32/2015)
(Project Leader) Completed 2015-2017

Integrating Mixed Methods in Developing Governance Model to Prevent Aedes Breeding in Construction Projects
600-Rmi/Frgs 5/3 (0061/2016)
(Member) On-going 2016-2018

Creation of a New Legislative Model for Digital Signature in Securing Internet Banking Transactions
600-Rmi/Ssp/Frgs 5/3/Fsp (16/2010)
(Member) Completed 2010-2013

Policy and Guidelines Framework in Humanoid Research Involving Autistic Children in Malaysia
600-Rmi/Nrgs 5/3 (12/2013) Completed (Member) 2013-2018

A Study on the Laws and Regulations Governing Misleading/Deceptive Marketing of Dietary Supplements in Malaysia
600-IRMI/DANA5/3BESTARI(065/2017) On-going
(Project Leader) 2017-2019

Modelling Cognitive Apprenticeship in Teaching Law
600-Rmi/Dana 5/3/Aras (36/2015)
(Member) Completed 2015-2017

Revising the Flaws of the Digital Signature Act 1997 in Governing Security of Electronic Transactions
100-Rmi/Gov 16/6/2 (14/2011)
(Project Leader) Completed 2011

The Legal Critiques of the Computer Crimes Act 1997 in Regulating Cybercrime
100-Rmi/Gov 16/6/2 (12/2011)
(Member) Completed 2011

An Appraisal of the Application of the Malaysian Digital Signature Law in Internet Banking
600-Rmi/Ssp/Dana 5/3/Dsp (209/2009)
(Member) Completed 2010-2013

Formation of Contracts in Electronic Commerce: A Study on the Extent of the Applicability of the Malaysian Contract Law to Govern Issues in Online Contracts
600-Irdc/ Ssp 5/3/2175
(Project Leader) Completed 2008-2009

A Critical Evaluation on Procedures for Apostasy Cases in Malaysia
600-Irdc/Ssp/Frgs 5/3/1926
(Member) Completed 2007


Misleading or Deceptive Marketing of Dietary Supplements in Malaysia:
The Criminal Law Aspect
SciTepress Proceedings
Submitted for Publication 2018

A Review on the Medical Malpractice Involving Rehabilitation and Assistive Robots
Journal of Malaysia and Comparative Law
Submitted for Publication 2017

Corrective Justice for Artificial Intelligence: Are We Dancing to the Same Tune?
Indian Journal of Science and Technology
Accepted for Publication 2017

Are Robots Human? A Review of the Legal Personality Model
World Applied Science Journal 34(6), 824-831
Published 2016

Artificial Intelligence Governance: A Heads Up From Driverless Cars
World Applied Science Journal 34(3), 376-382
Published 2016

Predicaments of the Governance of Choice of Law in e-Commerce
Consumer Transactions
The Social Sciences 11(31), 7602-7607
Published 2016

Welcoming the Citizen of the Future
Malayan Law Journal 3, 1-7
Published 2015

The Medical Device Regulation for Humanoid Robotics: Does One Size Fits All?
Journal Procedia of Computer Science 76(2015) 381-387
Published 2015

Regulating Rehabilitative Robots In Malaysia
Current Law Journal 1, 1-13
Published 2015

The Application of the Digital Signature Law in Securing Internet Banking:
Some Preliminary Evidence From Malaysia
Procedia Computer Science 3(2011)248-253
Published 2011

Electronic Signature Legislative Models: The Reappraisal of the "Unfortunate" Divergence
Malayan Law Journal 3, xx-xxxiii
Published 2009

The Role of the "Law of the Horse" in the Governance of Electronic Signatures: Lessons From Malaysia
Malayan Law Journal 2, clxxxvi-cc
Published 2009



Rafizah Abu Hassan dan Hartini Saripan, Ed: Che Zuina Ismail dan Liziana Kamarul Zaman, Wanita dan Undang-Undang Siri 1:
Hak Wanita dan Isu Harta, “Pentadbiran Harta Pusaka: Tanggungjawab Pentadbir dan Hak-Hak Waris”,
Penerbit UiTM, UiTM 2012

Rafizah Abu Hassan dan Hartini Saripan, Pentadbiran Harta Pusaka:
Tanggungjawab Pentadbir dan Hak-Hak Waris,
Penerbit UiTM 2012



A Study of the Legislative Framework Governing Rehabilitation and Assistive Robots in Malaysian Healthcare Institutions:
A Comparison with the United States (Main Supervisor)
Nurus Sakinatul Fikriah Bt Mohd Shith Putera
Masters of Law
Completed June 2017

Legal Implications of Land Fraud on the Conveyancing Law and Practices in West Malaysia (Main supervisor)
Noraziah Abu Bakar
PhD (Law)
Waiting for Viva-Voce

A Legal Study on the Computer Crimes Act 1997 in Combating Computer Crimes in Malaysia (Main Supervisor)
Siti Hajar Mohamed
Masters of Enforcement Law (MEL)
Compeleted Short Dissertation 2017

Regulatory Requirement in Controlling Online Sale of Prescription Drug (Main Supervisor)
Muhammad Helmi bin Ismail
Mohd Zairul Khusairy bin Mohd Zawawi
Masters of Enforcement Law (MEL)
Compeleted Short Dissertation 2015




The Legal Implications of ICT Adoption in the Malaysian Civil Courts:
With Special Reference to the Legal Positions in the European Union and the United Kingdom
Ani Munirah Mohamad 2016

The Parole Supervision Duties and the Impediments Under the Prison Legislations in Malaysia and New South Wales
Rafizah Abu Hassan 2017



Key-note speaker

Multidisciplinary Studies Academic National Conference
16-17 April 2016
Universiti Utara Malaysia

Invited Speaker

Faculty of Law, Bandung Islamic University, Indonesia
16 May 2017

Cyber Security Malaysia Awards, Conference & Exhibition (CSM-ACE) “Legal Challenges in Cyber Environment”
13-14 November 2013
Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur

Legal Consultant

Messrs Khairul Nizam & Associates
Cases: Ikhtiar Corp Sdn Bhd v Saridan Bin Jaafar & 13 Ors
          (Case No: BA-22NCVC-231-05/2018)

          Konica Minolta Business Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd v Sterling Affairs Sdn. Bhd.
          (Case No: B1-A72-51-09/2017)

          TNB v Ng Seng Chye
          (Case No: B1-A72NCVC-411-11/2017)

Guest Lecturer

Fakultas Hukum, Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia
15-16 May 2017

“Legal Forum for You and Me; Computer Crimes Act Revisited”
17 April 2012

Jawatankuasa Pembaharuan Undang-Undang Malaysia (JPUUM) Persidangan Mahasiswa Undang-Undang Kebangsaan (PEMUDA 4)
2 Oktober 2015
Universiti Utara Malaysia

Kursus Asas Gubalan Akta dan Perundangan Subsidiari
15-17 Jun 2015
Institut Latihan Pengembangan Pertanian Serdang, Selangor



Special Issue of Pertanika Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 2015

Titles of the Articles:
1) Authentication of Electronic Evidence in Cybercrime Cases Based on Malaysian Laws
2) The Syariah Approach to Criminalise Identity Theft 23 April 2015

IEEE International Symposium on Robotics and Intelligent Sensors IEEE-IRIS 2015

Title of the Article:
Social and Religious Training Impacts: Robotics Rehabilitation for Brain Impaired Children 7 August 2015

IEEE Symposium on Business, Engineering and Industrial Appllications (ISBEIA)

Titles of the Articles:
1) Measurement Model for Information Systems Strategic Allignment in Malaysian Public Universities
2) Conceptual Modelling for Management of Emergency Situations 7 March 2011

International Conference on Science & Social Research (CSSR)

Title of the Article:
An Analysis of the Application of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
1989: Issues Surrounding Children in Conflict with the Law in Malaysia 20 July 2010



Misleading or Deceptive Marketing of Dietary Supplements in Malaysia: The Criminal Law Aspect
International Law Conference 2018

Digital Signature as a Blue Ocean: An Analysis of the Application of its Law in Internet Banking
International Conference on Science and Social Research 2010

Unfortunate Divergence of Legislative Models for Electronic Signatures
International Seminar of Comparative Law 2008

Governing Electronic Signatures in Malaysia: The Law of the Horse vs The Horse Without the Law
3rd Conference of Law and Technology 2008



i-MusykilTalaq (Mobile Apps)
Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition 2018

Product Pitching (Individual)
Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition 2018

Medical Device Regulatory Model for Rehabilitation and Assistive Robots
5th Internation Innovation,Invention & Design 2016



Majlis Makan Malam Alumni (Malam Tautan Kasih) 2016
(Programme Director)

UiTM-Sussex University UK Summer Course 2016
(Programme Advisor)



Advisor – Sussex University, United Kingdom: Environmental Law & Beauty of Nature Summer Camp 2016
25 July – 8 August 2016

Advisor – Beyond Boundaries Programme
This programme aims at promoting the Faculty to the universities abroad. The first Beyond Boundaries Programme
was held on 15th – 17 th May 2017 in Bandung, Indonesia involving Universitas Padjadjaran and Universitas Islam Bandung

Advisor – Rebranded the Office of International Affairs at the Faculty level in order to enhance and strengthen
the internationalization activities at the Faculty