Azhani Arshad (Dr.)


Contact Details

Designation: Dr.
Full Name: Azhani bt Arshad
Position: Head of Law Programmes, Senior Lecturer
Phone No.: 03-55211095
Fax No.: 03-55435950
Room Location:
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Academic Qualifications

PhD: International Islamic University Malaysia Administration of Estate 2015 
Master: University Kebangsaan Malaysia International Trade 2003
LL.B (Hons)  International Islamic University Malaysia Law 1998
LL.B (Hons)(Shariah)    International Islamic University Malaysia Law (Shariah) 1999

Advocates & Solicitors:
Advocates & Solicitors High Court of Malaya 2000
Syarie Lawyer Federal Territories  2002
Syarie Lawyer State of Selangor  2002

Previous Appointment & Duration of the Appointment

1. Head of Law Programmes, Faculty of Law, UiTM, 1 August 2015-present
2. Asst. Coordinator, Project Papers Research Committee (LAW 515), 15 June 2015-31 Mac 2017
3. Academic Advisor LL.B (LW224), 5 September 2014-4 September 2016

Research Project & Publications

Research Project:
Panel Process (WTO): The Effectiveness in Terms of Its Rules and Procedures. 2003

Legal Framework for Administration of Estates in Malaysia: Is There a Need for Reform    
Research Assistant 2011

Islamic Home Financing of Al-Bay Bithaman Ajil (BBA) Contract in Malaysia: A Critical Analysis    
Co-Researcher 2008

Phd in Law
Administration of Non-Contentious Estates in West Malaysia: Legal and Administrative Reforms 2011

Reforming the Administration of Estate in West Malaysia: Towards Establishing an Effective Estate Administration Model and One Stop Data Centre of Wills, Assets and Liabilities. 2015

1. Akmal Hidayah Halim, Wan Noraini Mohd Salim, Halyani Hassan, Nor Azlina Mohd Noor & Azhani Arshad, “Dealing with Shares on a Shareholder’s Death: The Plight of the Deceased’s Personal Representative” [2015] 1 GJBSSR 25-32
2. Syuhaeda Aeni & Azhani Arshad, “Claiming Maintenance from Children: the Malaysian Legal Perspective” [2015] 1 GJBSSR 481-487
3. Akmal Hidayah Halim & Azhani Arshad, “Penentuan Harta Pusaka di Malaysia: Kajian dari Perspektif Undang-Undang Sivil dan Shariah, [2014] 26 KANUN 153-172
4. Akmal Hidayah Halim & Azhani Arshad, “Choice of law and Recognition of Foreign Orders in the Administration of Estates in Malaysia” [2012] Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 6(11): 17-21